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100 outlets, national presence, steward services, professionalism and efficiency Diverse offerings, personalized customization, flexible combination, outstanding Performance

Our brokerage business, supported by more than 100 brokerage branches across China and the “Internet plus” strategy, explores O2O (online to offline) integration to provide millions of customers with specialized investment consulting services and diverse wealth management services, devise realistic and viable solutions to margin trading and short selling, and facilitate convenient and efficient business processing. Meanwhile, we make unremitting efforts to pursue transformation and upgrading in light of developments and changes in the securities market, so as to offer full-range assets allocation for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and pursue inclusive finance to cater to financial management needs of smaller investors. Driven by efforts over the past 11 years, our brokerage business has increased its market share from 6.6‰ to 11.61‰. With its net income from agency trading ranked at the 19th place among more than 130 domestic brokers/dealers, Zheshang Securities was rated one of the top Chinese securities brokers with the highest growth potential by prestigious financial media.