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Full-range, targeted services; prominent strengths summed up as “3 high's & 2 low's”;Professionalism and rich experience; proven track record and customer satisfaction

Our investment banking arm boasts a 300-strong workforce, including core professionals with more than a decade of work experience and good track record in investment banking. Over recent years, our investment banking business has offered personalized, full-range capital market advisory services to our customers following the service concepts of “integrity, pragmatism, professionalism and efficiency” and with superb professionalism, due diligence and dedication and engagement. Particularly, seizing the historical opportunity of the “Phoenix Campaign” program, it has further aligned with capital market services by exploiting its competence in professional management and talent pool and its advantages as a local player. The investment banking arm has so far served hundreds of real economy businesses, with combined financing size above RMB100 billion. The projects we served cover various parts of Zhejiang, and other provinces/municipalities including Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou, Shanxi Jiangsu, and Anhui. Over these years, we’ve maintained high offering success rate, high customer retention rate, and high project efficiency, with 100% of the projects it sponsored (IPOs) obtaining CSRC approval, and accumulated rich experience and resources in financing package design, underwriting and offering, among other aspects. Under the New Rules, we innovatively issued BOND 122373 (2015 Corporate Bond of Zhoushan Port Group Co., Ltd.), China’s first non-listed corporate bond, which was well received by investors; BOND 136999 (2016 Renewable Corporate Bond of Zhejiang Communications Investment Group), China’s first exchange-traded renewable corporate bond; and BOND 136445 (2016 Green Corporate Bond of Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.), China’s first exchange-traded green corporate bond, and BOND 143349 (2017 Corporate Bond for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Shenzhen Tiantu Capital Co., Ltd.), China’s first exchange-traded VC corporate bond for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our innovation competence ranks among the top in the market.