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Robust operation with stable return; advanced ideas backed by a complete system Veteran team with rich hands-on experience; stellar performance winning industry recognition

Investment is a core business of Zheshang Securities. Our specialized investment teams, equipped with advanced investment ideas, have been pursuing robust operation and scientific management and building a professional investment research system and investment workforce, with an eye on absolute return and stellar performance.

Our investment teams mainly engage in proprietary investment activities with the Company’s own funds. Since their establishment, our investment teams have adhered to robust operation following the principle of compliant operation and robust investment and in light of the overall corporate strategy, and pursued maximized returns on investment while ensuring absolute returns and manageable risks. In terms of investment research approach, our teams have stuck to breaking down relevant information, returns and risks to inform and support investment decision-making, and ultimately refine resulting experience and lessons into iron discipline in investing. Leveraging the Company’s full range of strengths in capital, talent pool, information, brand, research and network and assisted by various quantitative models, our investment teams have adhered to the investment idea of pursuing both value and growth investing with value investing at the core and consistently generated stellar performance, contributing a lot to overall corporate development.