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Active management, differentiation strategy, AUM at RMB170 billion, pragmatic decisions, 100+ products, outstanding performance, top-ranking results, award-winning track record

Zhejiang Zheshang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“Zheshang Asset Management”), a securities asset management subsidiary wholly-owned by Zheshang Securities with a registered capital of RMB600 million, specializes in the management of securities assets and publicly placed securities investment funds. Zheshang Asset Management, upholding its core value of “being an honest person and a down-to earth doer”, is driving economic transition with securities asset management and enhancing enterprise value with branding management, in a bid to build itself into a distinct securities asset management platform most representative of Zhejiang merchants. At present, Zheshang Asset Management has RMB170 billion AUM, with the performance and brand of active investment management ranking at the first echelon among industry peers. Zheshang Asset Management has emerged as one of the most influential securities asset managers in the industry.